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We’re all about CX!

Customer Experience (CX) is an aggregate of a customer’s A-Z experience.  It’s not a snapshot of a key discussion, meeting, touchpoint, or interaction.  It’s the overall experience you feel before, during, and after you decide to proceed with a solution.  How was your overall experience?  Did your provider understand your current situation, your desired outcome, and what’s necessary to implement it?  Or did they try to shove you into a cookie-cutter solution so they can process your order, cash the commission check, and move onto the next customer?  It makes you wonder if they have your best interest in mind…

What’s In It For You?

You simply don’t have time to research multiple carriers or providers for a solution to your requirements, but you have a directive to reduce expenses, and improve efficiencies within your network. What, how, and when are legitimate questions on your mind. Improved Telecom Solutions focuses on your requirements and goals, researches potential solutions through our portfolio of over 200 providers, and presents to you our findings with highlighted recommendations. Once you approve the solution, Improved Telecom will proactively project manage the implementation and provide weekly updates to you.

Our Solutions

You focus on your job. Let us do the work. It’s that easy.

icon-solutions-internetInternet Solutions

Your business doesn’t slow down and neither should your Internet connection. We provide the highest quality Internet connections for every location throughout the world.
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icon-solutions-dataData Solutions

The biggest reason companies today are overpaying for their data solutions is because there simply isn’t enough time in the day to research the different technologies or the carriers.
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icon-solutions-voiceVoice Solutions

With Improved Telecom Solutions, you’ll receive enterprise-grade, high-definition voice solutions so that every participant can hear and be heard.
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icon-solutions-unified-communicationsUnified Communications

Unify and simplify all your communications. Long-distance collaboration is transforming expectations for how work gets done. Talk to each other naturally, from anywhere.
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icon-solutions-cloudCloud Solutions

The Cloud enables you to increase computing, storage and backup capacity and migrate legacy IT workloads without requiring you to invest in new hardware or license new software.
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icon-solutions-wirelessWireless Solutions

We provide enterprise-class wireless networking solutions to organizations of all sizes. Wireless solutions for your office are a great way to future-proof your wired infrastructure.
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icon-solutions-managed-servicesManaged Solutions

What’s the impact on your business if your network is down? You need peace of mind knowing your IT services are being proactively monitored and managed by experts.
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icon-solutions-cablingCabling Solutions

If you need a demarc extension of a circuit, new cable drops installed into a new office space, or want a wireless network installed within your office, we’re only a phone call away.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Very impressed. After searching ourselves for two weeks, Improved Telecom Solutions found a better solution at a more reasonable rate in just two days.
— Zach D., VP Operations
Improved Telecom makes us feel we’re considerably larger than we are because of the support we receive from them.
— Kris B., Director of IT
Improved Telecom Solutions is perfect for us because they are part of our IT team without the overhead costs of another employee.
— Sean R., CEO
Improved Telecom is always looking out for our best interest and finding ways to improve our internal and external user experience.
— Cheri S., President