Experience Great Connections from Any Location

Unify and simplify all your communications. Long-distance collaboration is transforming expectations for how work gets done. Your people want to talk to each other naturally, from anywhere. They want to connect from any location, and they expect that experience to feel the same as meeting in person. Having the ability to use video-enabled devices to see and share content and to work together can create benefits of collaboration across the entire organization.

Harness Your Greatest Assets More Effectively

  • Increase Employee Engagement — Easier Collaboration in the Workplace Means Deeper Employee Engagement
  • Faster Time To Market — Natural Collaboration Between Employees Boosts Innovation and Can Speed Time to Market for your Products
  • Redefine Your Workflow — Integrating Collaboration Tools into your Workflow Transforms Business Processes and Performance
  • Foster Innovation — Increased Collaboration Means More Knowledge and Information Sharing, Harnessing Your Greatest Assets More Effectively
  • Enable Deeper Partner and Customer Relationships — Easier Collaboration Allows You to Create Deeper Relationships with Your Customers and Partners Whoever, and Wherever They Are

• Full Collaboration Suite

• Audio/Video Conferencing

• Find-Me-Follow-Me

• Instant Message

• Screen-Sharing

• Voicemail to Email

• Presence

• Mobility

• Text/SMS