Unified communications services

With the recent shift toward cloud-based storage and information sharing, unified communications as a service has become an important feature of many businesses. This article will help you understand the importance of unified communications and how you can make it work for your organization.

What is Unified Communications as a Service?

Unified Communications serviceUnified communications as a service has come to mean the cloud-based delivery of a wide array of communication technologies available to businesses today. As businesses transition much of their data sharing to the cloud, the popularity of unified communications has skyrocketed.

In the past, companies relied on independent streams of communication to share critical information. These included phone lines, email, and messaging platforms. They functioned independently of one another and were features of an individual business’s communications infrastructure. Now, companies are wanting to centralize their communication technologies, making information easier to manage and monitor.  

With the recent shift toward cloud-based computing and data sharing, companies have begun to purchase access to cloud-delivered communication platforms. The phrase “as a service” refers to the model of businesses subscribing to cloud access from a centrally hosted platform. Service providers invest in the hardware and maintenance of the cloud, allowing individual businesses to purchase access without the extra hassle of maintaining their own infrastructure.

Recently, unified communications has expanded to include more technologically advanced options. Video conferencing and instant messaging have made communication between employees more efficient and lifelike. Organizations can purchase access to video conferencing software from a service provider, which allows them to have real-time business meetings or events from remote locations.

Cloud-delivered communication is rapidly becoming the best option for companies seeking to expand and optimize their communication networks.

Benefits of Unified Communications as a Service

Unified communications benefitsUnified communication as a service simplifies many aspects of your business, allowing you to streamline much of your existing communication technology and services. Here are some of the most important perks of licensing unified communications as a service:

Broader Range of Communication Options

Traditionally, businesses were very limited in their communication technology choices. Most company’s stuck to office phone lines and then shifted to email as it became available.

Today, businesses can choose from a much wider variety of communication technologies. Video conferencing allows large numbers of employees and business leaders to meet in real-time over the web. Users can share their screens and present information—all from their own remote locations.

Unified communications also allows for other sophisticated services, like instant messaging, voicemail to email, and presence technology. All of these allow your employees to communicate more efficiently and more easily from remote locations. With unified communications as a service, these different technology types all become centralized on one easy-to-use platform. The cloud-based software is optimized to give your business access to a higher-performing, intelligent communications network.

Easily Enables a Remote Workforce

As technology advances, many businesses are choosing to employ a remote workforce. These employees may work from home or they may be part of a multi-site company. Unified communications gives them the flexibility to work wherever makes the most sense for them.

Meanwhile, enlisting a remote workforce can help keep your costs low. With a smaller in-person workforce, you can limit your office space and expenses. You also can employ a wider range of people from different areas who will bring their own perspectives and experience to fuel innovation and productivity for your business.

Transitioning to unified communications as a service allows you to connect a larger, more diverse workforce to make your business as successful as possible.

Reduced Maintenance and IT Costs

Maintaining your own communication infrastructure can be time-consuming and expensive. Hardware often needs to be updated or replaced. You’ll likely need to invest in an IT team to manage it and address technical issues that arise. These can be steep expenses for your business while you get access to a lower quality communication network.

Licensing unified communications as a service avoids the hassle of expensive infrastructure. Instead, you purchase access to a centrally hosted communication platform from a service provider who manages the hardware and resolves network failures for you. This helps keep costs low and allows you to focus on your business itself and not the technology.

Service Is Scalable

One of the features that makes unified communications as a service so cost-effective is its scalability. Traditional communication networks required businesses to make big investments in hardware and communication infrastructure. With unified communications as a service, you decide how much access you need, meaning you can scale your consumption to your business’s needs.

Since you’re not responsible for managing hardware, you can offload much of the time and expense to the service provider who will instead charge you based on what you decide to license. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the newest features and updates as soon as they’re available.

The cloud gives your business the flexibility to pay only for what you need, scale your consumption, and get the highest quality network for the best price.

Unified Communications with Improved Telecom Solutions

Unified communication serviceImproved Telecom Solutions offers a variety of cloud-delivered services for organizations looking to improve their communication networks. They partner with different, reputable service providers to give your organization the highest quality service.

With Improved Telecom Solutions, you can select from plenty of cloud-based communications services to simplify your business’s daily communication. Options include audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing, and even collaboration suites that allow multiple lines of communication at once.

You want your employees to feel connected and supported. Streamlined communication leads to higher productivity, more engagement among your employees, and increased innovation. Improved Telecom Solutions can help make this happen.

Improved Telecom Solutions will take care of finding you the best service provider and plans based on your needs and budget. You can leave the searching to the professionals. With their extensive experience in the industry and variety of partnerships, your business will be in good hands.

You can get back to managing your business while enjoying a high-quality communication network that meets your business’s needs and makes sure everyone feels connected.